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The one stop solution

If your business uses instore music and / or video marketing ( digital signage ) to create not only a comfortable and pleasurable environment for your customers, but as a tool to inform and sell your services or products, then Omnisonix is the one-stop solution you’ve been waiting for.

Music and video play an important role in producing a welcoming environment that suits your customers’ needs and influences the time and money people are prepared to spend in your establishment.

Omnisonix provides the delivery system and content tailor made to your business so that you can create the optimum sales environment. With an Omnisonix account you’ll be provided with your own secure control interface, accessed from any computer connected to the internet, which you can use to customise and control your music or video play list; locally, nationally or internationally.

Solid cross platform solution

We spent two years developing and testing the software, hardware and infrastructure in Zurich - Switzerland to produce an efficient and reliable solid cross-platform service. Single or multiple Omniboxes enable varied media zones within a single outlet with minimal fuss and maximum controllability.

Omnisonix business solutions and benefits

Omnisonix background music provider
  • Real time online music and or video ( digital signage, video and music marketing )
  • Plug & play, no more Cd's, mp3, DVD's or music player updates / change overs
  • Commercial & Royalty Free Music libraries across a vast range of music genres
  • Continually updated and expanding music play lists at no extra charge
  • Create your own music / video play lists

Further benefits to your business

Omnisonix background music provider
  • Insert your own advertising campaigns or slogans into your daily broadcasts.
  • Fail safe system should your internet connection become interrupted or go down
  • No unwanted interruption, breaks or interventions during your working hours
  • No risk of infringing copyright laws
  • Total control of your advertising campaigns